Refund Policy

When you enrol in a course with us or our affiliates you (the student) are entering a legal agreement, in which you agree to abide by the conditions and payment terms set in the enrolment process in exchange for the service offered by us or our affiliates in the delivery of the course.

The learning hub can not be held liable for changes in your circumstances which may lead to cancelation or changes to your enrolment. But in the spirit of goodwill we will allow the following options.

You will only be allowed make a change/option one time

  1. For a period of 10 working days from enrolment, a refund will be given prior to commencement of any course exams/tests or commencement of the 2nd module - (this refund is subject to an administration fee of €60 from the total amount of fess paid at the time of cancellation) – For this to apply you must notify our administration department in writing. Either by e-mail, fax, or post within 10 working days of enrolment
  2. For a period up to 4 weeks following enrolment and prior to commencement of the course 2nd module or any exams/tests a student may apply to transfer their enrolment to a third party who agrees to take over the enrolment.
  3. At any time you may apply to defer you studies for an agreed period not exceeding 12 months. This deferment must be applied for in writing with an explanation as to why you cannot continue you studies. additonal fees may apply